Looking for Someone to play BD/SH in hellraiser.

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Looking for Someone to play BD/SH in hellraiser.

Post by Hawtzor on Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:02 pm

We're looking for someone to play SH/BD Level 80(Char already done and ready to play).
We dont have a fixed CP time but we usually play from 10PM to 2~3AM(GMT +1) during the week. Some of us can play during the afternoon also.

(Bold: People you might know)
CP Members:
Hydroz -> OL/WC
Picksy -> Necro/BP
Sexyt0uch -> EE/ES
PunkD -> BP/WK
Hawt -> Sps/Sws
Diogo23 ->Sorc/WK
Moah -> Kamael
Nvidia -> Necro/DA

Plavix SH/SK -->Only weekends
Josh -> American, Different schedule
V -> Driver (he also has his own char! huehue).

If you need more info Reply here or in Facebook Smile

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