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* RECRUIT INFO * read before you post Empty * RECRUIT INFO * read before you post

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:50 am

Welcome on our official OldSchooL forum

This is the recruitment section of OldSchooL clan. Players who have been recomended by an OldSchooL member or a high trustable friend for OldSchooL players have better chances to be recruited. It's not necessary to spam ingame with pms or questions about recruiting. If u think u belong to OldSchooL u can pm p1nG ingame.


Minimum 18 years old;
Personal culture;
Activity on the OS forum and ofcourse ingame;

1.2. What You get after approval:

Name of OldSchooL clan member
Access to the private OldSchooL clan Ventrillo (voice-communication program)
Full access to the OldSchooL forum, including parts available only for OS members;
Invitations for OldSchooL clan events.

1.3. Steps of recrutation:

We would like to know something about You, thats why we have prepared short application:

Step 1. Application:

City, country:

Nick ingame:
Ingame level:
How long do You play/day?:
What time during day You play? (gmt+1):

From how long You play L2:
Do You have microphone?:
Do You want talk during game?:

Why You want to join Us?:
Whats Your opinion about cheating?:

Did You play on other L2 servers before?:

Something about Yourself:

Step 2. Waiting.
After You apply, You have to consider that people responsible for recrutation may not be that moment online, so it can take a while. Please be patient and present on the forum.

Krok 3. We will see.
We want to know You better so maybe we will invite You on clan Ventrillo for special talk, or ingame for some event.

Rules can change any moment !

In other case, if u are interested to join our clan by all means, make a new thread on this topic, talk about you, leave us info, say why u wanna join us , etc etc... we will gladly read and reply Wink



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